Quiz 5: Environmental Studies MCQ Question and Answer

Environmental Studies MCQ Question and Answer

1. Which of the following adaptive features is shown by aquatic plants?

(a) A good amount of woody tissues

(b) Good root hair system

(c) Dissected leaves

(d) Root cap

Answer: (c) Dissected leaves

Aquatic plants such as lotus have dissected, disc-like or ribbon-shaped leaves to help them live underwater. They have poor roots and root hair system and no roots cap. Aquatic plants are also very poor in woody tissues. Roots in terrestrial ecosystem contain tiny hair that sticks out of the roots and helps in absorption of water and minerals.

2. While teaching a teacher was referring to attention, memory, problem-solving, memory and planning. What was he teaching?

(a) Cognition

(b) Communication

(c) Social skills

(d) Peer pressure

Answer: (a) Cognition

Cognition is the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. It encompasses processes such as attention, memory, problem-solving and planning, etc.

3. Amit was walking with his father near the sides of a small forest. His father was telling him that there are some organisms which can associate would support each other. Which of the following associations his father be referring to?

(a) Amabel growing over a tree

(b) Pitcher plant taking in insects

(c) Orchid growing on mango tree

(d) Lichens growing on the rock surface

Answer: (d) Lichens growing on the rock surface

Lichen is an association that results from the interaction of algae and fungi. Fungi get shelter and food from algae and in return provide absorbed nutrients to the algae partner for the preparation of food. In this relationship, both partners are supporting each other.

Orchids growing on mango tree, Amabel (Cuscuta – parasitic plant) growing over a tree and pitcher plant taking in insects to eat are not the types of relationships in which the partners are supporting each other.

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4. Which of the following animals have a strong sense of sight as well as hearing?

(a) Tigers

(c) Dolphins

(b) Eagles

(d) Vultures

Answer: (a) Tigers

Among the given options, the tiger has a strong sense of sight as well as hearing. It can see six times better than us at night. Its sense of hearing, especially, enables it to easily know one sound from another. It can move its ears in different directions to catch the sound. Eagles and vultures have a strong sense of sight. Dolphins have the ability to make different types of sound to communicate underwater.

5. Egret birds are often seen feeding something on the buffalo’s back. What happens in this association?

(a) The bird is benefitted and buffalo is harmed

(b) Both bird and buffalo are benefitted

(c) The only buffalo is benefitted

(d) The only bird is benefitted

Answer: (b) Both bird and buffalo are benefitted

Egret birds are often seen feeding on parasites on the buffalo’s back. They eat! flies and other biting creatures that are pests to cattle. It is a type of mutual relationship in which both the partners are benefitted.

6. Which of the following is known as Regur Soil?

(a) Alluvial Soil

(b) Laterite Soil

(c) Black Soil

(d) Arid Soil

Answer: (c) Black Soil

Black soils are found in lava-covered areas of Maharashtra, Saurashtra, Northern Karnataka, etc. The word ‘regur originates from the Latin regurgitate which means to overflow.

7. Your father’s mother’s husband is your

(a) brother

(b) brother-in-law

(c) uncle

(d) grandfather

Answer: (d) grandfather

Your father’s mother is your grandmother and her husband is your grandfather.

8. Identify from the following, a correct group of food items that we should eat more to recover from protein deficiency.

(a) Cereals, jaggery, and citrus fruits

(b) Milk, legumes, and meat

(c) Milk, citrus fruits and eggs

(d) Cereals, honey, and jaggery

Answer: (b) Milk, legumes and meat

Milk, eggs, meat, fish and legumes grams, beans, pulses, and pea) are good sources of protein. Legumes are low in tat and high in protein. Citrus fruits are rich sources of Vitamin-C. honey and jaggery are rich sources of sugars.

9. Athletes are generally required to make more muscles and body mass. For this purpose, they need to take a diet which is rich in

(a) vitamins

(b) fats

(c) proteins

(d) carbohydrates

Answer: (c) proteins

Protein is essential for optimum muscle growth. Without them, it would be impossible to build, repair or even maintain muscle tissues.

10. Which of the following is not a determining factor climate of a place?

(a) Distance from the equator

(b) Distance from the sea

(c) Winds

(d) None of the above

Answer: (d) None of the above

The climate of a place is determined by distance from the equator, distance from the sea and winds.


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