Quiz 3: Social Studies Pedagogy MCQ Question for CTET and TET Exam

  1. With reference to the Agricultural techniques of Harappa, consider the following statements

I. Terracotta models of the plough have been found at sites in the Cholistan and at Banawali (Haryana).

II. A ploughed field at Kalibangan (Rajasthan), associated with Early Harappan levels.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below

(a) Only I

(b) Only II

(c) Both I and II

(d) Neither I nor II

Answer: (c) Both I and II

2. One of the most famous Neolithic sites, Catal Huyuk was found in ………

(a) Italy

(b) Turkey

(c) Syria

(d) Bhramaputra

Answer: (b) Turkey

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3. The planet is known as the ‘Earth’s Twin’ is

(a) Jupiter

(b) Saturn

(c) Venus

(d) Uranus

Answer: (c) Venus

4. What was Sangam literature?

(a) Earliest works in Tamil

(b) Earliest works in Sanskrit

(c) Earliest works in Pali

(d) Earliest works in Prakrit

Answer: (a) Earliest works in Tamil

5. Which is called an island continent?

(a) South America

(b) Australia

(d) Africa

(c) North America

Answer: (b) Australia

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6. The outer most Himalayas are known as

(a) Himadri

(b) Western Ghats

(c) Shivalik

(d) Himachal

Answer: (c) Shivaliks

7. Where is the deepest mine in the world found?

(a) India

(b) China

(c) Australia

(d) South Africa

Answer: (d) South Africa

8. During the medieval period in India, temples were regarded as a hub of

(a) Architecture

(b) Cultural activities

(c) Extensive foreign trade

(d) Sufi movement

Answer: (b) Cultural activities

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9. Gold, petroleum, and coal are examples of

(a) rocks

(b) minerals

(c) fossils

(d) crust

Answer: (b) minerals

10. Consider the following statements

I. Inflation effectively measures the change in the prices of a basket of goods and services in a year.

II. Inflation occurs due to an imbalance between demand and supply of money, changes in production and distribution cost or increase in taxes on products.

Select the correct answer by using codes given below

(a) Only I

(b) Only II

(c) Both I and II

(d) Neither I nor II

Answer: (c) Both I and II


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