Child Development and Pedagogy- Quiz 1

What is child development and pedagogy?

Child development as a term is described as the development of a child as an learned and evolved child, by understanding many aspects of formal and informal education. By child development we mean to help the child with childhood. At the various stages of childhood to be able to realize self and inner potential. To develop a sense of belonging to the society we live in. Thus ,in short child development is to develop self and interact with the society through learning.

Pedagogy is the discipline that must help the children achieve the abilities in a precise way .It is the responsibility of Pedagogy to develop children (with their intelligence) with the help of various subject content .Pedagogy must help children in making them smart with their inner potential. Every subject has lot of content in the form of lessons. The content should be presented in such a way by the pedagogy, that the specific educational goal/s ,for which the content is presented is achieved . In short the pedagogy is responsible for specifically effective learning of every child.

Child Development and Pedagogy -Quiz 1

In the CTET ( Central Teachers Eligibility Test)  exam and Other state level exam, Child Development and Pedagogy is an important subject. Child development and Pedagogy has both paper-I and Paper-II in ctet and other tet exams. In this section 30  multiple choice questions are to be attended and it is scoring subject.

In every Quiz there child Development and Pedagogy  30 MCQ question.

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